Dental Hygiene Leeds

At Montreal Dental Care, our experienced hygienists play an important role in the care of our patients.

Hygienists play a crucial role alongside our dentists in the prevention and management of gum disease.

Prevention is better than cure” is as relevant in dentistry as it is with anything else.

A long list of dental problems, such as dental decay, halitosis and gum disease are easily prevented with good hygiene.

It is for this reason that hygienists play an important role in educating patients and guiding them to  maintain excellent oral hygiene independently

Dental Hygienists at Montreal Dental Care. Anneka Kumar and Ayesha Asghar

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Why visit the hygienist regularly?

Maintain Healthy gums

Bleeding gums, bad breath and loosening teeth can be warning signs of gums disease. A hygienists top priority is to prevent gums disease before it can cause damage.

Improve Dental Hygiene

Hygienists will guide you in the most effective way of removing plaque in those hard to reach places.

whiter smile

Tartar build up and external staining from food and drinks can stain your teeth. Scale & Polish and Airpolish are effective treatments to maintain a healthy white smile.

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